Ma 12.11.2018
Kaksikymppiset juhlittu!
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Ke 17.10.2018
Aioliksen 20-vuotisjuhlakonsertti lähestyy!
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Ke 26.09.2018
Aiolis valmistautuu 20-vuotiskonserttiin
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Aiolis is a ladies' choir founded in Kerava, Finland, in 1998. In the course of the years, Aiolis has created its own individual style with a versatile, high-quality repertoire, including a wide range of music from classical to light; from Adiemus to ABBA, from church music to folk songs. Currently Aiolis is concentrating on pop / light music.

We perform our music in four parts (SSAA), partly with solo voice performances. During the first 15 years of its existence Aiolis was conducted by Keimo Joensuu. After a one-year break Aiolis took a new start in September 2015 with a new choirmaster, Tiia Mustonen. Since autumn 2016, a fresh new international breeze is blowing, as Jaime Belmonte Caparrós took over.

In spring 2011, Aiolis was selected as the only ladies' choir to the "Best Choir in Finland 2011" (Suomen paras kuoro 2011) competition of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE along with 11 other choirs.